Why Are My Sent Iphone Messages Green

Why Are My Sent Iphone Messages Green. There are three possible causes: Your iphone messages are green for two reasons:

Why does the colour change from blue to green on text from

You can turn on/off the imesages feature by yourself. Accordingly, there can be multiple reasons for your query, “why are my messages sending green to another iphone”. A green background means that the message you sent or received was delivered by sms through your cellular provider.

As Long As The Imessage Is Not Available On A Mobile Phone, Messages Will Be Sent As An Sms Text Messages Which Is Green In Color.

In case you see a green send button, your iphone is letting you know that the message will be going as a paid sms message, using your carrier’s cellular. I encountered this issue recently when sending a text message to an android phone. Messages can only be exchanged with these recipients when you have cell service.

You Can Turn On/Off The Imesages Feature By Yourself.

Diagnose your problem with imessage when you’re experiencing an issue with imessage, the first step is to determine whether the problem is with one contact or whether imessage isn’t working with any of the contacts on your iphone. If your message appears in a green bubble, then your text message was sent using your cellular plan, either using sms or mms. Messages on iphone are sent as imessage or sms messages.

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Your Text Messages Would Be In Green, Whether You’re Using Short Messaging Service Or Sms (The Old Way).

However, you may end up seeing green even if you’re corresponding with another iphone. I have tried changing numerous settings with no success. Blue ones have been sent or received using apple's imessage technology, while green ones are traditional text messages exchanged via short messaging service, or sms.

The Messages Sent By Imessage Are Blue In Color;

Why are my sent iphone messages green. Text messages via sms are sent as data and requires that cellular data must be turned on when not using imessage. A green background means that the message you sent or received was delivered by sms through your cellular provider.

The Reason Why Messages Are Sending To Green To Another Iphone Is Usually Caused When The Imessage Is Not Available On Both The Sender’s Iphone And The Recipient Iphone, Or Due To A Poor Internet Connection.

Check your iphone or ipad's settings (settings > messages), and make sure the imessage slider at the top is green, which means it's activated. Your or the recipient’s device may not have imessage enabled in it. “turns to green and said sent as text messages” means you’ve turned on “send as sms ” and you are not blocked.

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