Where Is The Speaker Microphone On Iphone 8

Where Is The Speaker Microphone On Iphone 8. They can be found on the phone’s top, bottom, and backside. Is my iphone 8 speaker broken?

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There are 3 microphones in the iphone. To test the primary microphone on the bottom of your iphone, open voice memos and tap the record icon. The second microphone is located near the proximity sensor, right next to your selfie camera.

One Located At The Bottom Of Your Iphone 8 Under The Right Grille And In The Earpiece Near The Top Of Your Iphone 8.

If your people can't hear you or you sound muffled, then this repair should fix your problem. In an iphone 8, you will find 3 microphones. If that doesn’t help you could also try replacing your proximity flex cable, where the other mic is located.

After This, All The Device's Data Along With Your Problem Will Be Removed From Your Iphone 8.

Use voice memos to test microphone functionality. At this point, we don't know whether your iphone 8 speaker is not. The iphone actually has two speakers and two microphones.

First Of All, It's Vital To Test Your Iphone's Microphone, You Should Test Your Iphone's Microphone Using Different Apps When It Doesn't Work.

This microphone is used during calls and voice recordings. The microphone on the iphone 8 is located right behind the hole next to the lightning connector at the bottom of the phone. I dropped my iphone 8, and it landed on the bottom edge near the charging port.

I’ll Post Links To Repair Guides Below, Parts Needed Should Also Be.

Since your unit has dual speakers, you need to clean the speaker on top, just beside the microphone, and the speaker at the bottom of the phone, right by the lighting connector. Remove any covers/cases from your iphone; They can be found on the phone’s top, bottom, and backside.

If The Speaker Still Sounds Muffled, It’s Time To Look Into Repair Options.

Play back the video and if there is no audio it signifies the microphone not working on iphone. Case while lining the hole with the mic hole. Apple decided to go with this confusing and misleading design because of the aesthetic symmetry it provides.

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