Best Genshin Impact Teams With Kazuha

Best Genshin Impact Teams With Kazuha. He also works in freeze teams (unlike sucrose whose em sharing is useless there) and in ganyu melt teams. Genshin impact is easy enough that you can play with a two main dps team, but at that point, why ask for good team ideas?

Genshin Impact Best Kazuha Build Genshin Tool from

My only weakness is cryo slimes timeline below. Hu tao xingqiu albedo zhongli. Kazuha gains an anemo infusion for 5s after using elemental skill or ult. Is Not Affiliated With Or Endorsed By Mihoyo.

The autumn whirlwind field created by kazuha slash has the following effects: We put burst teams last because they have less flexibility and are more suited to boss battles. His ability boosts damage for the whole team and its crowd control effect allows players to deal damage more effectively.

Zhongli Works Well With Kazuha In Two Different Team Builds:

Below you can see the best team composition for kaedehara kazuha with main dps, sub dps and support characters. Kazuha team comp genshin impact hey, i’m zathong and this guide is about kazuha team comp in genshin impact. Maple monogatari 【 unlocked at c3 】

Kazuha Is A Powerful Anemo Sub Dps That Focuses On Elemental Mastery Damage Via Swirls.

Increases kaedehara kazuha's own elemental mastery by 200. Since his arrival to the game, kazuha has been one of the most used support characters both in. Kazuha's wind sword is so cool!

28 Jan 2022 2:35 Am.

Genshin impact kazuha best build, team, and more! Additionally, each point of elemental mastery will increase the dmg dealt by kazuha’s normal, charged, plunging, and plunging attack: Since escaping from his troubled homeland, kazuha has taken up work with the crux—beidou’s naval crew—and will be guiding travelers through the next genshin impact archon quest.

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Best Genshin Impact Teams With Kazuha Is A Database And.

Genshin impact 1.6 presents their first character from inazuma, kaedehara kazuha. He also works in raiden hypercarry (her 2nd best team) which is raiden, kazuha, bennett, sara. Kazuha provides a lot of support to his team while dealing a lot of damage at the same time.

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